The Forensic Expert Witness Association provides opportunity for professional growth as well as a forum to grow practices and better serve clients. FEWA members are independent consultants pledged to meet client needs with professional services and operate under the FEWA Code of Ethics. Start your forensic consulting career today, with valuable tools and tricks being taught at the FEWA Forensic Consulting Basics Course. 

All are invited to join us for this Basics Course titled "Becoming a Forensic Consultant: Your Next Career." This will be a 3-hour session led by seasoned experts from different fields. The course will be broken up into three parts; as follows:

The Basics of Getting Started

The demand for expert witness is steadily growing and as you begin this next phase you might have some questions regarding getting hired, full/part-time consulting, speaking, writing, and marketing. Attend this session to learn how to start your forensic consulting practice. It will cover all of the "Need to Know" basics; including the types of forensic consultants, how to network, and marketing your expertise. 

Eminence Building: Getting Found

Learn how to define and market your image during this section. The session will cover how to enhance your visibility through public relations and networking towards getting referrals. To be sure that these endeavors work, this session will also cover how to measure your results.

Best Practices in Forensic Consulting

This section will draw from the expertise of established experts who will review the best practices in forensic consulting. You will learn how to get insured and mitigate the risks of entering into business, as well as how to get paid. The presenters will review your role as a forensic consultant, including expectations, participation and deliverables. This session will expose you to top expert witnesses who will relay the most common mistakes and pitfalls.  

Date: Friday, april 26, 2019

Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: the bar association of San Francisco - conference center

Price: $200