2019 national conference programming

Friday, April 26 - Running a Thriving, Robust Expert Witness & Forensic Consulting Business

Topics Include:
Top Ways NOT to Get Hired or Re-Hired — Attorneys Give It to Us Straight

How Attorneys Research & Dig Up Dirt on Experts and Their Testimony

Key Money Issues — Effective Billing Strategies/Programs, Income Tax Issues, When You Don’t Get Paid for Work You’ve Done and More…

Effective Strategies to Keep Your Office & Business Organized

Dealing with Procrastination, Time Management & Being Organizationally-Challenged

Protecting Yourself: What You Need to Know About Professional Liability Insurance

Ethics and the Attorney Who Hires You — Protecting Yourself So Lines Are Not Crossed and How Best to Respond If They Are

Networking Strategies Specific to Expert Witnesses and Forensic Consultants

And a variety of opportunities to ask experienced Attorneys your burning questions…

Friday Workshop: Becoming a Forensic Consultant: Your Next Career

Saturday, April 27 - Advanced Testifying: Depositions, Trials, Arbitrations & Mediations

Topics Include:
How Judges & Jurors View Expert Witnesses — and What You Can Do About It

Maintaining Your Confidence & Competence After Being Pummeled on the Stand

Female Expert Witnesses: Being Effective if You are One — Interacting Effectively if You Aren’t

Vital Tips for Preparing to Testify at Deposition or Trial

Key Mistakes Committed by Expert Witnesses During Video Depositions

Secrets to Dealing with Opposing Counsel’s Skillful, Slick, or Shady Strategies at Deposition or Trial

Advanced Issues Related to Expert Reports

Developing and Communicating Rock-Solid Opinions

Skillfully Responding to Questions You Do Not Want to Talk About

check this page regularly for programming updates as they become available - program subject to change

Photography provided by Jared Chambers